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Taco Bell Review – Fishers

December 6, 2008

Restaurant: Taco Bell
Location: Fishers, IN
Address: 7680 E. 96th St. Fishers, IN 46038
Menu: Taco Bell Menu (must click on ‘Our Food’ at the top then ‘Menu’)
Today’s Meal: Fully Loaded Nachos, Taco
Cost: Less than $5
Type: Mexican Fast Food
Loyalty Program: None Known

Today I decided to give the fairly new, Fully Loaded Nachos, a try.  They tasted very similar to the Nacho Supreme that Taco Bell has except for adding some pico-type salsa and guacamole.  Now I must be very spoiled with Qdoba’s salsa because I did not like their version any where close to Qdoba’s mild salsa.  They were truly ‘fully loaded’ though as I had more toppings than I did chips.  This is where the taco shell comes into play.  You are suppose to use that to scoop up the rest of the toppings.  If I were going back to Taco Bell, I would stick to the Nacho Supreme, as I like their nachos better without their salsa.  The taco was a typical Taco Bell taco.