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Macaroni Grill Review – Carmel

November 15, 2008

Restaurant: Macaroni Grill
Location: Carmel, IN
Address: 2375 116th East  Carmel, IN 46032
Menu: Macaroni Grill Menu (dinner menu for Carmel location, lunch menu also available)
Type: Italian
Loyalty Program: Mac Pack (Sign up on home page.  It says that you’ll get a free appetizer and other things.)
Today’s Meal: Bread and Oil, Create your Own Pasta of Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce, Capellini Pasta, Caesar Salad, and Soft Drink
Cost: About $16

Today I went to Macaroni Grill for lunch, and I immediately was seated.  A few minutes after being seated, I received my drink I had ordered as well as the complimentary bread loaf.  Here, they pour some Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a dish and grind some fresh pepper into it for dipping the bread.  Throughout the course of the meal, I requested two additional loaves of bread as it was so warm and fresh when it came out that I kept wanting more. 

I typically order off the Create Your Own Pasta menu when I come here.  They have other dishes that are quite good, but I really like a cheesy type of Fettuccine Alfredo which is what I can order off this menu.  You ask your server for a Create Your Own Pasta Pad, and you mark which type of pasta, sauce, meat, or extras that you want.  Some of the items are complimentary, while others cost more.  The menu denotes which costs more. 

First I got my Caesar Salad, and I must say that it is one of my favorite Caesar Salads out there.  The dressing and the croutons are just perfect to me.

The food came out at a perfect time after finishing off the salad, and it was really warm.  The sauce that I got on my pasta was four cheese Alfredo (which cost an additional $2), and I really like it.  When you are served your food, they ask you if you want freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and I always get that as well.

It was a great experience at Macaroni Grill.  The server was very polite, kept drink refills going, and was knowledgeable about the menu.  The food was equally as delicious.

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