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Mitchell’s Fish Market Review – Carmel

November 21, 2008

Restaurant: Mitchell’s Fish Market
Location: Carmel, IN  Clay Terrace Shopping Center
Address: 14311 Clay Terrace Blvd, Suite 100  Carmel, IN 46032
Menu: Mitchell’s Menu
Type: Seafood
Loyalty Program: None Known
Today’s Meal: New Orleans VooDoo BBQ Shrimp, Maryland Crabcake Sandwich, Fries, Cole Slaw, Soft Drink
Cost: About $25

Today was a late lunch at Mitchell’s Fish Market.  First off, the host/hostess was amazing.  They not only let us choose the table that met our group’s needs for dining, but they also were attentive in seeing if we needed any help while we were getting everyone situated.  The server was also superb.  All our food came out at perfect intervals with the bread, appetizers, and main dishes, refills were presented before we needed them, and they were knowledgeable and very friendly.

First I ate the complimentary bread.  I believe that it is a sourdough type of bread, and it is very good.  They also serve a whipped butter with this.  Next the New Orleans VooDoo BBQ Shrimp came out.  This is very good.  It’s shrimp, with a sweet-tangy type of BBQ sauce and then a piece of bacon wrapped around the shrimp.  A small scoop of white sticky rice is in the middle of the plate with 5 of the shrimp fanned around.  I always find myself wanting more of these delicious shrimp!  Finally, the crabcake melt sandwich arrived.  This is a really good sandwich.  It is served on an English muffin and has a tomato with a slice of cheddar cheese melted over.  Onion is also on the sandwich, however mine came with only a small sliver.  Sometimes a side of tartar sauce is served, but if not, I always ask for some.  This adds a very nice zest to the sandwich.  The one thing about this sandwich is sometimes when I bite into it, I get little crunchy pieces.  I used to think it was bits of the crab shell, however now I’m wondering if it is just the edges of the crabcake where it has been cooked to a crisp.  That definitely makes me happier to think of it that way!  The fries in the past have been excellent, however this time they lacked enough of the sea salt that they use.  Other than that, it was a great meal with excellent service.

See if there’s a Mitchell’s Fish Market near you!