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Panera Bread – Indianapolis

November 2, 2008

Restaurant: Panera Bread
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Address: 5020 East 82nd Street  Indianapolis, IN 46250
Menu: Panera Menu
Type:  Bakery & Cafe
Loyalty Program: None Known
Today’s Meal: 1/2 Chicken Fontaga and 1/2 Soup
Cost: About $7

Oh my, I did not have the most pleasant experience at this Panera Bread!  To begin with, there were about 6 of us in line and there was no one at the cash register where they take orders.  We stood there for a several minutes and finally the customer in front asked the person who was making the food where we should all order at.  That person said that we should just order over at the bakery.  (Yes, thanks for making us aware of that!)  So, we end up waiting there in the line, and as soon as that worker sees so many of us there in their line, they call back for someone to open the register we had just been at.  So, by that time, there are new people who came in and went directly to that register and now they are getting waited on before us, while we are still in the bakery line.  The person in front of me finally ordered, and they told her that her sandwich could not be made on the croissant that it was suppose to come on because they had run out of croissants.  When it was my turn to order, the cashier never even asked me if my meal was for there or to go.  Needless to say, they made it for the wrong one.  Then, sure enough, I got the wrong soup.  That was actually the reason I had went to Panera was I knew it was the day for the kind of soup that I like. 

The sandwich wasn’t even very good.  It was made sloppy with the bread all shifted around and half the ingredients sticking out of the bread.  That was not surprising, being the people making the sandwiches could be overheard talking about their Halloween night, the night before.  This was definitely not a good experience.  It was actually quite frustrating.  I should have just walked out when I had thought about it, when none of us were getting helped at the cash register.