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Panda Express – Indianapolis

November 5, 2008
Orange Chicken, Chicken Eggroll, Fried Rice

Orange Chicken, Chicken Eggroll, Fried Rice

Restaurant: Panda Express
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Address: 7035 E. 96th Street  Indianapolis, IN 46250   Map This on MapQuest
Menu: Panda Express Menu
Type: Fast Chinese Food
Loyalty Program: None Known (Although for quite a while now, they have been giving opportunities on the back of the receipts where you can call in and answer survey questions about your Panda Express experience.  After you answer the questions, they give you a code to write down on the back of the receipt, and you can redeem this for a free entree when you purchase a two entree meal.)
Today’s Meal: 2 Entree Plate-Chicken Egg Roll, Orange Chicken, Fried Rice, Fortune Cookie
Cost: About $6

My ‘go to’ menu item here is almost always the Orange Chicken.  I change up the other items, but I almost always come away with Orange Chicken.  It is just so tasty.  It has a little bit of spice, not much spicinessat all, and just the right touch of sweetness.  It is quite delicious!  The good thing about Panda Express is that you can sample the different dishes to see if you like something before deciding what you want.  How the menu works, is you choose whether you’re going to get a 2 or 3 entree meal.  Each meal comes with your choice of rice (either steamed or fried), chow mein, or mixed vegetables.  Then, you choose either 2 or 3 entrees from the dishes that they have prepared behind the glass.  They put it on your plate as you’re going through the line, and you get to sit down with your meal right after you pay.

One thing that I noticed about Panda Express awhile ago was that they have all sorts of fresh vegetables and other ingredients in containers in a cooling area, visible from the dining area.  (You are also able to see the cooking area from the food line as well.)  This is nice to know that items are made from scratch with all these fresh ingredients as opposed to everything coming frozen or already mixed together.

The inside of Panda Express is quite small, and there is not a whole lot of seating.  I have never had a problem getting a spot to sit though as I’ve never been here when the place is very busy.  I’ve been here quite often, and I’m surprised that more people don’t frequent the place.  The food is very good and is priced decently.

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