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Qdoba Review 12/20 – Fishers

December 20, 2008

Restaurant: Qdoba
Location – Fishers, IN
Address – 8971 E. 116th Street  Fishers, IN 46038  Map This
Menu – Qdoba Menu
Today’s Meal – Ground Beef Nachos, Soft Drink
Cost – Around $8
Type – Fast Mexican Food
Loyalty Program – Qdoba Card

Typically I get the vegetarian nachos at Qdoba, but today I decided to branch out and give the ground beef nachos a whirl.  I typically like ground beef on tacos and things, and I really did enjoy this variation on the Qdoba nachos.  I always get rice on my vegetarian nachos, and I really like that, so I thought I would add rice to this as well.  They did charge me extra for getting the rice.  Apparently you can substitute the beans that come on the ground beef nachos for rice, but it does cost extra for getting both.  Another thing to note is that the nachos were quite a bit greasier with the ground beef .  When I get the vegetarian nachos, I do not notice any extra grease; however with the ground beef, there were several areas where the queso cheese had grease dripped on it from the beef.

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