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McDonald’s Review 4/9 – Fishers

April 9, 2009

Restaurant: McDonald’s
Location: Fishers, IN
Address: 8907 E. 116th Street  Fishers, IN 46038  Map This on MapQuest
Menu: McDonald’s Menu
Type: Fast Food American
Loyalty Program: None Known
Today’s Meal: McRib, Fries, Soft Drink
Cost: $4.32

I was planning on getting cheeseburgers when I went to McDonald’s today, but when I arrived I noticed that the sign said, “McRib is Back!”.  I decided to have that, and it was right on par with its normal quality.  The fries were good.  I was pleasantly surprised when I was handed a large soft drink when I had purchased the combo meal.  Typically when I order a combo meal from here, they have always came with the medium soft drink, even when they have the offer going on where the drinks (whether small, medium, or large) are all $1.  The prices have went up recently at this McDonald’s, so I’m not sure if they just built a large drink into the combo prices or if it was just a mistake that I received the large drink.

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