Restaurant Faves

First of all, I looked through here and noticed, golly gee, I have an awful lot of chain restaurants here!  So please forgive me as I give you my favorite places to eat.  Perhaps this is more of just a ‘get to know what I like to eat’ page as opposed to actually giving suggestions.

Tenderloin – Culver’s
For a good tenderloin, I can always count on Culver’s if I don’t feel like waiting for the next fair or festival to come around.

Hamburger – Right now I’m really into Red Robin.  I also like Bub’s, but usually the burger is a little too salty for me there, so I’ll say Red Robin.

Pasta – Macaroni Grill or Carrabba’s, oh yeah Buca di Bepo too.  Between Macaroni Grill and Carrabba’s, if I’m going for a little less expensive, I’ll usually go with Macaroni Grill.  My bill is always a bit higher at Carrabba’s.  At Buca di Bepo, you can mix and match dishes with the family style offering.

Tiramisu – Olive Garden.  Ooh, how I do love tiramisu!  However, maybe I like it a bit more processed or something because I’ve tried both Macaroni Grill and Carrabba’s Tiramisu, but I have never liked any other Tiramius as much as Olive Gardens.

Nachos – Qdoba.  There’s just something about the nachos there.  They don’t seem quite as unhealthy as getting nachos at like, Taco Bell, either.

Chinese – P.F. Chang’s.  I do love P.F. Chang’s!  For me, it’s usually their chicken lettuce wraps!

Ribs – Bird’s.  This is a place in Daleville, IN, and boy do they have good BBQ ribs!

Taco Salad – McAlister’s Deli.  Check out my post on just what I love about this taco salad!

All American Dessert – Fox & Hound.  I know that there are much more extravagant and elegant desserts out there, but one that I do enjoy is the Great Cookie Blitz from Fox & Hound.  It is simply a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and chocolate syrup.  It can be put right up there with comfort foods.

Ice Cream – Handal’s.  Oh goodness, Handal’s ice cream!  I tend to get my favorite ice cream types over and over, but the few times I have ventured out into something new there, I haven’t regretted it.

Cookies – Paradise Bakery.  What more can be said…Paradise Bakery has some really good cookies!  They give out a chocolate chip cookie when your order a sandwich, which is also a plus.

Veggie Dish (Comfort Food) – Cracker Barrel.  When I’m in the mood to go vegetarian and get several ‘comfort food’ type selections, I typically visit Cracker Barrel.  There you can get the Country Vegetable Plate where you can select four veggies.  They have a list of about 15 different selections, but my favorites tend to be the fried apples, mac & cheese, fried okra, coleslaw, and hashbrown casserole.  I am not a vegetarian, but if you are, make sure to inquire about which veggie dishes they use a meat seasoning on. 

Favorite Toasted Sandwich – Quizno’s.  I really enjoy the Turkey, Ranch, & Swiss sandwich. 

Favorite Coleslaw – KFC.  This has been my favorite place for coleslaw every since I was a little kid.

Sit Down Pizza Place – Bazbeaux.  They have locations in Broad Ripple, Carmel, and Downtown.

Burrito – Tijuana Flats or the more authentic Mexican Restaurants, like El Camino Real.  It depends on my mood, but I definitely like the beef burrito at Tijuana Flats, and I like to get Queso added to the top of it as well.

Fondue – The Melting Pot.  To be fair, I’ve never been to any other fondue restaurants, but this was a great experience with great food both times I’ve went.

Best Rolls – O’Charley’s.  Now, while I’m not a big O’Charley’s fan in terms of their food, I do love their rolls!


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