Burger King Review 12/31 – Noblesville

Restaurant: Burger King
Location: Noblesville, IN
Address: 14125 Mundy Drive  Noblesville, IN 46060
Menu: Burger King Menu
Type: American Fast Food
Loyalty Program: None Known (Although for awhile the back of the receipts have a number that you can call in order to answer a survey to get a code.  Enter the code on the back of your receipt, and you can redeem it for a buy one get one free whopper.)
Today’s Meal: Original Chicken Sandwich, Fries, Soft Drink

Today I had the chicken sandwich.  It comes with mayonnaise and lettuce.  These were very sparse on my sandwich today.  Next time I will ask for extra mayo.  The chicken also had a gristly piece in it, which after I pulled it out, it left a whole bite without any chicken, just the breading.  The fries were okay.


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One Response to “Burger King Review 12/31 – Noblesville”

  1. fishers_mom Says:

    Sorry, but I have to vent and tell my story of horrible customer service! Being
    a Mom of a child with many allergies, when it comes to fast food, we are
    limited. My son’s only choice is often hamburgers from Wendy’s , BK and White
    Castle. Well, BK offers Chicken fries he can have and not long ago they got rid
    of the Chicken Fry KIDS MEAL. I have never had a problem still getting this kids
    meal though. Most BK’s have been gracious to sub the “tenders” for the “chicken
    Well NOT BK on Mundy drive in Noblesville….
    I went there today during a second attempt. (thinking maybe a different employee
    or manager would be more helpful) The lady raised her voice at me and said “I
    told you we won’t substitute!” After asking to speak with the manager, explaing
    the allergy situation and offering to pay more if needed…The manager’s
    response was “You will have to purchase your kid and adult meal if you want
    chicken fries, we have a store policy of no sustitutions” and due to the fact
    that I have 3 kids, I was concerned about the toy issue…FYI, they will not
    give your kid a toy if your last resort is to purchase him an adult meal.
    Needless to say, I left and drove 5 min up the raod to another BK, no problems.
    I am so frustrated and can’t beleive that in today’s economy, you will turn down
    customers…even one’s willing to pay for substitutions….”Have it YOUR Way,

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