Red Robin Review – Noblesville

Restaurant: Red Robin
Location: Noblesville, IN  (Hamilton Town Center)
Address: 13215 Harrell Parkway  Noblesville, IN 46060   Location Map
Menu: Red Robin Menu
Type: American Food
Loyalty Program: E-Club
Today’s Meal: Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger (minus pickle relish), Fries, Soft Drink
Cost: Under $13

Today I walked right in and got seated immediately.  Today the character mascot ‘Red’, which is appropriately a red robin, was out and mingling with the kids.  We were seated near the kitchen, however it was not a negative experience as I would anticipate sitting near a kitchen at most restaurants would be.  I even got to see that the cooks and food preparers were wearing gloves while they worked which thrilled me to see.  The fries were still pretty bland steak fries (with a little seasoning on them), and my cheeseburger was pretty good.  My one complaint would be how my burger was cooked.  I had ordered a medium well burger, and mine came back with several pink areas still in it.  Each time I have ordered a burger from here, the toppings have been very generous.  They have especially put a lot of onion on, which suits me fine.


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