McDonald’s Review – McCordsville

Restaurant: McDonald’s
Location: McCordsville, IN
Address: 9707 Olio Road  McCordsville, IN 46040
Menu: McDonald’s Menu
Type: Fast Food American
Loyalty Program: None Known
Today’s Meal: Big Mac, Fries, and Soft Drink
Cost: About $5

Today I had intentions of going through the McDonald’s drive-thru line.  Once I arrived at this McDonald’s and saw the drive-thru line wrapped around the building, I knew that would not be happening.  This McDonald’s is typically slow when I come here, so with a line like that, you might as well forget a quick stop.  I decided to go ahead inside to get my order since the line was not backed up in there.  After waiting several minutes, with no one in front of me, someone eventually paid attention to me and took my order.  While waiting several more minutes before I got my food, a lady who had went through the drive-thru came in and was standing at the counter trying to get someone’s attention.  She was waiting a minute or two before anyone paid her any attention.  Apparently they had failed to put fries in her bag with the rest of her food. 

I finally got my food and went on my way.  The Big Mac was typical, but the fries were awful.  They were so bland, with barely any salt on them.  They tasted just like potatoes, similar to the inside part of an Ore-Ida crinkle cut french fry that you cook yourself in the oven.  I usually really enjoy McDonald’s french fries too, even if I do take them to-go and don’t eat them when they are still hot.

This McDonald’s seems to have gone down hill since they have opened.  I would like to know if they have changed ownership or management.  I remember when they first opened, they were quite friendly and efficient. 

Find a McDonald’s close to you!

Speaking of Ore-Ida french fries, who would have thought that the Ore-Ida website has an area with Ore-Ida recipes?!?  Use those fries in your freezer to whip up something good!


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