Red Robin – Noblesville

Restaurant: Red Robin
Location: Noblesville, IN  (Hamilton Town Center)
Address: 13215 Harrell Parkway  Noblesville, IN 46060   Location Map
Menu: Red Robin Menu
Type: American Food
Loyalty Program: E-Club (Website states you’ll get a gift for registering as well as a free burger on your birthday and subscription to the newsletter.)  I signed up a while back and got the initial “gift” (I don’t recall what it was) but have not received any newsletters.
Today’s Meal: Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger (minus pickle relish), Fries, Soft Drink
Cost: Under $13

I came here at a peak lunch hour, and the place was quite busy.  I was seated quickly and before the 20 minutes I was told it would take.  This was such a good hamburger today.  I can definitely say that it is one of my favorites.  I have been here before, and I got this burger and it was good except for I didn’t care for the pickle relish.  I’m not a big relish person though.  This time I ordered it without the pickle relish, and it had the perfect combination of all the other ingredients.  It was quite delicious.  The other people that I dined with equally enjoyed their hamburgers.  One got the Royal Red Robin Burger, and get this, it actually has a fried egg on it.  This person had heard others say how good the burger was and decided to give it a whirl.  Well, they thoroughly enjoyed this interesting burger.  The other times I have dined at Red Robin (it was another location – this is the first time dining at this location), the fries have always been really bland.  They serve steak fries, and the fries are all-you-can-eat.  They have a seasoning at the table that you can use, but for whatever reason, I still didn’t care for the fries very much.  Today, the fries seemed a lot better.  They came with a good amount of seasoning already on them when they were served.   

We were a little nervous about the server at first because they seemed a bit lost.  However, we were pleasantly surprised when we were constantly brought new drinks when ours were close to running out and our food was exactly how we ordered it.  The place has the music a bit loud (the same with the other Red Robin I have dined at), so it makes it a little difficult to hear what the server is asking/saying, and you feel like you need to raise your voice when ordering in order to make sure the server is able to hear you.  However, this was an enjoyable experience with a great burger.


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