Qdoba in Fishers

Restaurant – Qdoba
Location – Fishers, IN
Address – 8971 E. 116th Street  Fishers, IN 46038  Map This
Menu – Qdoba Menu
Today’s Meal – Vegetarian 3-Cheese Nachos, Diet Coke
Cost – Under $8
Type – Fast Mexican Food
Loyalty Program – Qdoba Card

For dinner this evening, I got the Vegetarian 3-Cheese nachos and a Diet Coke.  The nachos were loaded with their 3-Cheese Queso, Rice, Mild Salsa, Black Beans, Shredded Cheese, and Lite Sour Cream.  This is a place where you go through the line and they make your meal right in front of you, adding ingredients as you go down the line, similar to Subway.  Today, the meal was very good, and they were very generous with all the toppings.  Everything tasted very fresh as well.  The pico de Gallo (which they also call their ‘Mild’ Salsa) is very good.  It has the perfect blend of tomatoes, onion, and cilantro.  The Queso is a definite winner as well.  This is always one of my favorite places to get nachos.  If you go there for a burrito, expect to leave feeling very full…their burritos are huge!

Find a Qdoba near you!

Interested in making your own Mexican meal at home?  Try these Boca Nachos from Kraft Foods!


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